In a 40 minutes video of what perhaps investigated as an energetic interest to Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo previous Hisbul Islam and Alshabaab pioneer Sheik Aweys experiences what he feels is weak the nation and offers what he accepts is the panacea.

He begins with a unique supplication for the President toward the start of the video saying that is the best petition he could offer as an Islamic cleric to the pioneer of the nation.

The video cut whose length was 40 minutes which was recorded by previous Alitixa Al islam Head, one of the Organizer of Islamic courts Union, Head of xisbul Islam Sh Hassan Dahir Aeys,In this video he makes an impression on Somalia President Mohamed abdullahi Farmajo.

“May God Guide you. And may God guide the people to you” Aweys prayed.

“You have two threats confronting you one outside and other adversary inside prepared to battle you from inside .You are required to accompany a political technique to guarantee you and the nation triumphs over the two adversaries” he said.

“I have hear you out ordinarily saying that Somali individuals are straightforward individuals who are devoted and faithful yet colonization and awful administrations that took after colonials who lost them their has brought the tolerant and disarray they are confronting today” Aweys said.

“The reasons why Farmajoo won was a direct result of two things. The great work he did when he was the Executive and the wrong way he was removed from the Prevalence”

He says that the two reasons won’t help him now and he should be watchful who is sorrounds his organization.

“Sibling the general population that encompass you or will encompass you are individuals who need something. the essential individuals don’t need anything from you. They are in the nation and work with them straightforwardly” he prompted.

“These individuals would prefer not to remain in the entryways of the capable or riches they don’t need from you” he said.

On Alshabaab and Somaliland Aweys said;

“I need to give both of you things which I tuned in to you saying numerous is Somaliland and the other Alshabab” he postures.

“I hear you out talk about our siblings Somaliland and we called them northern genuinely I felt cheerful how you discussed them and I appeal to God for you. I realize that the greatest mix-up occurred in 1960 when the arrangement of two locales was to share the north and south. It ought not have been that way parts were made like IRIR AND HAWIYEADEN CADE, ABDIRISHID,CIGAAL) and the President was Irir. The mix-up that happened that day we pay todate” he said.

“In any case, what I contradict is Al Shabaab does not need administration. Truly they need however the procedures aren’t right and their organization isn’t right. Illustration open hirelings are murdered there is no place in religion for that. The world each administration is at war like George Washington and Malcom X what’s more an imam needs administration another case are individuals from Focal Somalia the Ahlu Sunnah Ea Jamaa” he said.

On the removed Mohamed Siyad Exposed.

“Nobody questions if Mohamed siyad barre was a nationalist. What’s more, he hails his fortitude. me I hail HIM.A great case was the means by which he managed the starvation of 1974.I recollect when he was outside the nation he said he wont acknowledge a Somali to bite the dust of yearning and we realize what he did the issue is he disregarded the religion .I recall that we banter for 4 hours if there is God or not” he said.

“I began in 1968 to make this nation to be administer Islamic and the general population to serve and pass on for the religion of Allah One day came Ali Samatar and I said to him in the event that we can bite the dust, in the event that we gave our riches. In the event that that is so we concurred that we will bite the dust for the religion if we somehow managed to pass on” he recalled.

“This nation is set in the wrong auto Farmajo I encourage you this auto which originated from Kismaayo going to galkacyo return it in reverse and utilize Islamic administration said before that I will move at the back of that auto. I don’t need an administration which isn’t religious .I go to God to manage you and shield you from the two foes you are confronting” he closed.