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#Before his resignation, Mugabe was threatened with being “lynched like Kadhafi”


To push him to resign, the Zimbabwe army has threatened to lynch “Gaddafi” against former leader Robert Mugabe. Revelation made by the former spokesman Mugabe.
The secrets of Robert Mugabe’s resignation as head of Zimbabwe are slowly emerging. After the juicy retirement plan unveiled a few weeks ago, another part of this unprecedented episode in Zimbabwean politics has just been brought to light.

After a few days of resistance from the old leader who refused to yield to the pressures of the army, the latter had to use the strong way … at least diplomatically.

In fact, according to George Charamba, former spokesman for Robert Mugabe, at the height of the military intervention, army generals sent a “scary” message to the last square of the former president, asking him raise awareness of “the seriousness of the situation”.

In this note, assures George Charamba, “there was the possibility of a Libyan scenario where the president would have been dragged out of his residence and lynched,” says Mugabe’s former spokesman in the private daily Daily News.

As popular demonstrations began to grow, the army warned that it would be impossible for it “to turn its guns against civilians who are marching to demand the resignation of the president and who threaten to shed his blood,” he said. added Mr. Charamba.

Finally, this scenario was avoided. On Tuesday, November 21, 2017, Robert Mugabe resigned after 37 years of reign, even ensuring that he had decided “voluntarily”. As a bonus, the insurance of an immunity, a housing, a fleet of cars, trips by private plane, about twenty employees.

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