Luuq (AxadleTM)- Somali official in Gedo region said on Sunday that government security forces have detained two Al Shabaab members over suspected bomb attack in Luuq town, Axadle reports.

The Officer who spoke journalist over the phone on condition of anonymity said the suspects were carrying ‘explosive materials related to acts of terror’ and accused them of planning attacks against military personnel.

“The Somali security forces have managed to capture Ali Abdi Mursal and Mohamed Abdi Salah with the explosives they were to use an attack in Luuq town during an operation after a tip-off from local residents,” he said.

Both arrested men have confessed being members of Al Shabaab dispatched to carry out a terror attack on military bases in the border town, according to the Police sources.

No details have been given of possible targets.

Despite being driven out of key areas in the south and central Somalia, the Al Qaeda-linked militant group Al Shabaab still launches sporadic deadly attacks on the region and poses a security threat to the neighboring countries.

On the Other hand the militants have frequently carried out attacks on Somalia’s security forces and have been also locked in battles with the AU troops, to topple the UN-backed government in Mogadishu.

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