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Silaanyo is advised to accept ten year federation

Dunidda \ Africa William Hague, the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary has advised the incumbent president of Somalilad Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo to accept that Somaliland join Somalia on ten year federation with Somalia once the talks between Somalia and Somaliland resumes in London this year.  

British Foreign Secretary said that this will open window of opportunity for the people of Somaliland to hold another referendum in the case of Sudan and South Sudan which may eventually lead that Somaliland gets an international recognition from the world.  

Somaliland president Ahmed Silanyo told the foreign secretary that once he returns to the country that he will make national consultation regarding the advices made by William Hague.  

Speculations are rife about an imminent cabinet reshuffle is likely to take place this week after the president of Somaliland Ahmed Silanyo was advised that he must make major reshuffle in his cabinet by the British Foreign Secretary.   Sources had earlier told Somalilandinformer that the reshuffle is likely to see a change in the ministries –Presidency, Religion, Aviation, and Interior.

The delegation from Somaliland led by President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo met with the UK Foreign Secretary, Hon William Hague, at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London on 11 February.

The President was accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Omar, and the Minister of National Planning Dr. Sa’ad Shire.   The discussion between Somaliland delegation led by president Ahmed Silanyo and UK Foreign Secretary centered on issues relating to the London Somali conference which the British government is about to host this May.  

The talks between Somaliland and Somalia started after the London Somali Conference last year and the EU facilitated the talks after both sides appointed representatives that attended the talks.   Somaliland claims to be an independent sovereignty that regained its independence from the war torn country of Somalia in 1991.

Axadle International Monitoring- Somalia

Silaanyo is advised to accept ten year federation
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