The Nigerian president is expected to visit Biafra on Tuesday. A southeastern region where Muhammadu Buhari seems very unpopular.

The announcement of this trip was given Monday, November 14 by the Nigerian presidency. “Mr. the President will visit two states of south-east Ebonyi and Anambra, “said Garba Shehu, spokesman for the presidency of the Republic of Nigeria who added that Buhari should leave the capital Abuja tomorrow Tuesday morning to return Wednesday .

A stay of some 24 hours which comes on the eve of the election of the governor of Anambra State. The main objective therefore seems to be to provide important support to the candidate of the All Progressive Congress, which is the party of the Nigerian president.

But, this trip will be much more of a major challenge. That of raising the coast of a Buhari conspicuously unpopular in this region that multiplies lately calls for secession.

The memories of 1967-1970 still present

Due first of all to recent events. On bail for, among other treason, the leader of the best-known secessionist group in the region, the Indigenous people of Biafra ( IPOB ), Nnamdi Kanu has been missing since 14 September.

For IPOB members , it is up to the government to explain this disappearance. “We still need to know where our leader is. He (Buahri, Editor) is not the type of person a governor should host in his territory,” said a spokesman for the IPOB in a statement.

Allegations rejected by the government, which denies attacking Kanu’s home and describes his movement as a terrorist.

But, however relevant the explanations, Muhammadu Buhari is far from erasing the memory that many Biafrais witnesses direct or indirect events have the Biafra war between 1967 and 1970 that cost the lives of nearly a million people . War in which Muhammadu Buhari participated as a soldier alongside the central government.

A war that, until now, feeds the wrath of the Igbos (majority ethnic Biafra) against Abuja.