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#Erdogan’s tensions with predecessor erupt into open feud


Erdogan, without naming Gul, spat back those worried about the decree were no different from people who turned down the constitutional changes in the April referendum.

‘Express my opinion’

Abdulkadir Selvi, pro-Erdogan columnist in the Hurriyet newspaper, added fuel to the flames saying talk was growing that Gul could emerge as a presidential candidate of the Turkish opposition to challenge Erdogan in 2019 elections.

He said that Erdogan had already “seen the plot” and the row over the immunity decree was “only tip of an iceberg”.

Gul then hit back at criticism from “some MPs and trolls”, saying that they “exceeded the limits of morality.”

“As a person who believes in freedom of thought and expression, one of the founding principles of our party, I will continue to express my opinion on occasions I deem necessary.”

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