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#Family of shooting victim had searched for him for days


The family of Egal Daud say they’d been frantically searching for him for five days when he was discovered dead inside his parked car Sunday.

Egal Daud’s family rushed to crime scene Sunday morning, recognized his car

Daud, 30, was found fatally shot on Northview Road, near the intersection of Baseline and Merivale roads, around 10 a.m. The major crime unit of the Ottawa police, which is leading the investigation, said his body may have been there since Saturday.

Zuhur Daud said her family began searching for her brother last Tuesday when he didn’t come home or return calls.

“He always comes home and he always answers the phone,” she said. “He never had a habit of not returning anyone’s call, or not telling his mother or friends about his whereabouts.”

Daud said the family filed a missing person report with Ottawa police, and remained in close contact with a detective.

Recognized car at crime scene
Then on Sunday, hearing through media reports that a body had been found in Nepean, family members went to the scene. That’s when they recognized his vehicle, surrounded by police tape.

“During this whole time, no one is confirming anything. No one is coming to our house to extend their condolences and to say, ‘We have your brother, we found your brother’s body,'” Daud said. “It’s really unfortunate that this was how they handled the situation.”

Staff Sgt. Bruce Pirt said when Daud’s family members arrived at the scene, police had not yet determined who was inside the car.

“We still had not identified the body yet,” Pirt said.

Daud’s cousin, Mohamed Djibril, said it was medical staff who eventually confirmed the family’s worst fears.

“We went to the hospital,” Djibril said. “We found out from doctors and nurses that our cousin is dead instead of the police coming to the house.”

Not gang-related, police say
Zuhur Daud said that while her brother’s death has rocked the family — especially her parents and three siblings — the confirmation at least brought them a measure of closure.

“As hard as this is, it was harder last week. Not knowing is harder than knowing that my brother’s not here,” she said.

“He was loved by many, many, many people all over the world. He will be deeply missed. It’s a hole that’ll never be filled.”

Pirt said Sunday police still don’t know where Egal Daud was shot. Pirt said the shooting isn’t considered gang-related, but said Daud was known to police.

Anyone with information is asked to call the major crime unit at 613-236-1222 ext. 5493, or give an anonymous tip via Crime Stoppers or the Ottawa police app.

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