Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Somali Timeline

Somali Timeline

Somali Timeline

Somali Timeline
Promoting entrepreneurship in post-conflict Somalia

Timeline: Somalia, 2000-2017

2000 August - Clan leaders and senior figures meeting in Djibouti elect Abdulkassim Salat Hassan president of Somalia. 2000 October - Hassan and his newly-appointed prime...

Timeline: Somalia, 1991-1999

1991 Jan 27, Muhammad Siad Barre, the dictator of the Somali Democratic Republic since 1969, fled Mogadishu as rebels overran his palace and captured...

Timeline: Somalia, 1972-1984

1974 - Somalia joins the Arab League. 1974-75 - Severe drought causes widespread starvation. 1977 Feb 24, Pres. Carter announced the US was cutting off...

Timeline: Somalia, 1934-1972

1934 Dec 5, Italian and Ethiopian troops clashed at the Ualual on disputed Somali-Ethiopian border. 1935 Feb 18, Rome reported sending troops to Italian Somalia. 1940...

Timeline: Somalia, 1527-1889

The Horn of Africa has been home to Somalis since ancient times. 13th-17th centuries - Ajuran Sultanate dominates much of the Horn of Africa before collapsing...

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