Thirty-three activists arrested for calling for the presidential election to elect President Joseph Kabila’s successor have been released by the Goma prosecutor’s office in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. defense.

“The 33 activists of Lucha (Fight for Change) were released on 3 October late at night by the prosecutor’s office of Goma without being charged. They have not paid any bail, ” one of their lawyers, Matthieu Mugisho , told AFP .

“At the police and prosecutor’s office, the interrogations centered around the creation of a rebellion and the incitement of the population to rise up against the authorities,” the lawyer said, adding that “no charge” was detained against them.

A total of 49 people were arrested Saturday in the DRC as they peacefully demonstrated the appeal of a group of NGOs , including Lucha, to remind the legal obligation for the commission to hold elections in the DRC (CENI ) to convene the presidential election 90 days before it is actually held.

Sixteen of them, arrested while marching to Kisangani in the northeastern province of Tshopo, were released on Sunday.

The DRC is going through a political crisis aggravated by the retention of President Kabila whose second term ended on 20 December 2016. The Constitution prohibits him from running for office.

In an agreement concluded on 31 December 2016 by the majority and the opposition, under the mediation of Catholic bishops, elections should be held at the latest “end of 2017”.

But, because of “violence in the Kasai”, the Ceni felt that it was “not possible” to hold this deadline.