Three people were killed in an exchange of live ammunition between two Congolese soldiers who were fighting for the same woman in the troubled Kasai region of central Democratic Republic of Congo, a local official said Sunday.

The shooting took place on Friday evening during the traditional dowry ceremony by the new pretender, a soldier, who wanted to marry a woman divorced from another soldier belonging to the same regiment of the Armed Forces of the DRC deployed in the Kasai.

After her divorce, “the woman wanted to remarry with another soldier. On Friday evening, the new lover presented himself in the woman’s family to pay the dowry. His ex-husband arrived and a dispute broke out between the two men, ” Fideli Kabinda, the Mayor of Mwene Ditu in Lomami Province , told AFP .

“Each soldier used his gun. During the exchange of fire, the uncle of the woman and her son were hit and died on the spot, “Kabinda said, indicating that a teenager who passed by was also fatally affected by a bullet.

Four others were injured by gunshots and were hospitalized, the mayor said, but “they are safe.”

The woman at the center of the dispute and her ex-husband have fled, taking away the 50,000 Congolese francs (27 euros) from the dowry, according to witnesses while the pretender “is at the stands,” according to the mayor.

During these fueled exchanges, many panicked inhabitants fled from the city to take shelter, fearing a resumption of violence.

Lomami province is one of the four provinces in central DRC, the scene of murderous violence since September 2016 following the death of a customary chief killed in a military operation.