MPs in the House of Representatives passed a law on Tuesday banning foreigners from adopting Ethiopian children, the spokesman for the Ethiopian Ministry of Women, Children and Youth said on Wednesday.
The spokesman did not give further details. According to the local news website Diretube, the ban on adoptions by foreigners is justified because “they have resulted in various crimes against minors.”

This vote comes nearly nine months after the moratorium on adoptions by foreigners decided by the government on April 21, 2017, which led to the suspension of dozens of adoptions, including for parents who have legally completed the adoption process. .

“We take note of this sovereign decision of Ethiopia and we respect,” said Joseph Naudts, advisor and deputy head of mission of the Embassy of Belgium.

We take note of this sovereign decision of Ethiopia and we respect it

Belgium had about 20 adoption procedures underway in Ethiopia. The Belgian diplomat said he was “very happy to have been able to conclude those cases where the parents were already in contact with a child through an adoption agency.”

The blur persists on the procedures still in progress although several sources indicate that Ethiopia would have committed to finalize them.

The embassies contacted by AFP refuse to give figures, but last June, the US embassy mentioned 40 families who had legally adopted, but whose record was frozen.

Diplomats from Spain and Great Britain spoke of fifty and a dozen families respectively in this situation.

Ethiopia was a very popular country for adoptions. With this change to the Family Code “it’s the end of an era,” said a diplomat.