Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visits Eritrea, while the people of Tigrai and TPLF take a tough stand.

It is absolutely impossible to bring any type of peace in the Horn of Africa excluding the Tigrai and Afar people and the Tigrai and Afar State governments.

All real peace loving Ethiopians and Eritreans should completely reject the recent drama orchestrated by extremist Amharas to gain access to the Red Sea, to create renewed conflict between Tigrai and Eritrea and to further weaken the people.

Long lasting peace can’t come while the people directly affected by the border conflict are left out from the discussion. If the recent gamy by Abiy and Isaias is pushed further I am afraid we are heading to an imaginable horror.

We have given the new prime minister of Ethiopia if we can call him that anymore, enough time to see what he would offer to Ethiopia, but so far he is leading the country to the wrong direction where disintegration is becoming a reality every passing day.

The new prime minister of Ethiopia has created a widespread feverish delirium in some parts of Ethiopia because of their intense disliking to the EPRDF, but that does not translate to public approval.

Most people in Tigrai, Afar, Somali, Benshangul, Gambela and most of Oromia states didn’t want anything to do with Dr. Abiy Ahamed.

From the surface it seems the Amhara people won over the TPLF and Tigrai people, to be honest, the only thing deeper than the river of blood of the TPLF fighters who made it possible for him to become a prime minister is the shame and humiliation he will bring to the Ethiopian people especially the Amharas, mark my word.

Source: Tigrai Online

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