Kenya police have introduced a brand new safety measure which is able to see camels be part of the nation’s animal policing unit which already has dogs and horses as a part of it.

The Standard Digital portal reports that the pioneer camel patrol unit will likely be under the Border Patrol Unit of the Administrative Police Service.

Its most important activity will likely be to patrol remote sections of the nation’s border with Somalia in efforts to fight banditry. Presently there are fifty camels being skilled in Kenya’s Isiolo county for the aim.

The portal added that the unit was to curb rising circumstances of terror assaults on personnel in distant areas. Police data present that some 70 officers have been killed on account of such assaults over the past two years.

Apart combating banditry, the camels are additionally for use to patrol the nation’s North Eastern border where reports indicates that there’s a excessive incidence of cattle rustling.

Similar camel patrols have been employed in parts of the world such as New Zealand, Australia and India. Kenyan officers are to travel to India to observe how the animals are employed in border policing.

For hundreds of years Kenya’s pastoralists have criss-crossed the arid plains of eastern Africa, shifting with their households and herds in the hunt for water and grazing pastures.

Camels have been one of many worst affected throughout a biting drought that plagued a lot of east Africa last yr. Kenyan authorities was forced to declare the drought a nationwide catastrophe in components of the nation.