Established a year ago to challenge Über, the Kenyan driver service application, Little, has now become a network of 2,000 drivers offering an average of 10,000 races a day.

One year after its introduction, Little now occupies first place in the local market with nearly 5,000 drivers who can offer 12,000 races per day during peak hours.

An opportunity for Lilly Muriuki who has an income between 266 and 400 USD per week. It is part of the growing number of Kenyan drivers who join the company.

“It’s a unique undertaking; for me, I think it’s a unique business because there’s an option for our customers to choose the basic service, and there’s an option for the ladies. So most of my clients are women and they choose the option for ladies, and I prefer that they have this option, which means that I mostly have clients, “says the driver.

In partnership with the telecommunications operator Safaricom, the application plans to seek an investor in Silicon Valley next year to help it spread across Africa.

She has already arrived in Nigeria where she plans to start her services next month. It also starts an electric bus service in Nairobi that will allow users to book their journey using the application on their mobile phones. Kamal Budhabatti is CEO of Little Cab

“I think traffic is a big problem, traffic and pollution are problems in the city, so we think that if we can contribute in any way, to our small level, to improve things, ‘is why we are going to take an electric bus, which is why we are going to have a good bus that people will love. What I mean is that today people may not want to jump into a matatu simply because they may think it’s too loud, too crowded, too busy delay, too dirty. ”

The Little partner company, the Nairobi-based software developer, Craft Silicon, has invested $ 6 million in the application. Little also offers additional features to compete with other companies, such as an SOS button on the application.

If a client feels at risk for any reason whilst traveling and pressing the button, he or she has a police escort or security partner company within five minutes, which is popular with such clients than Monica Waruguru.

“I appealed to Little Cab because you can ask to have a female driver, you can also switch on the service $ 0.19 per kilometer which I find cheaper. You can also use the SOS tab which is the security feature, and very effective in my opinion ”

Other features include free Wi-Fi in all taxis and an integrated electronic purse, offered in partnership with Safaricom on the M-pesa money transfer platform.

Little also intends to start offering motorcycle races.