Sudan suffered a nationwide electricity blackout on Wednesday during a televised speech by president Omar Al Bashir, local papers reported.

Viewers said the broadcast was cut halfway through the president’s speech.

The Sudanese ministry of electricity and water began working on restoring power to the country but said it would only be able to do so for one city at a time.

According to the Paris-based Sudan Tribune newspaper, the power outage began to operate the television channels that broadcast the speech of the president who was speaking from the city of Roseires, south of the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

But since then, electricity has returned to some parts of the country, officials told the media. However, these officials did not shed light on the reasons for this incident, the second in two years in Sudan.

In recent weeks, Sudan has witnessed widespread street protests after the government lifted bread subsidies and devalued its currency.

Austerity measures intended to restore the country’s economy. A student was killed during these demonstrations.