Algeria has forbidden Africans to take bus and taxi transport, a new expression of racist state behavior towards sub-Saharan migrants. This chosification recalls the behavior of the Nazis against the Jews, legitimizes the past acts and prepares a pogrom.

During the Second World War, to recognize the Jews, the Nazis had forced them to wear a yellow star on their chests. As we know, 6 million Europeans of Jewish confession or origin were burned in the crematoria of the Hitler regime.

In Algeria, perhaps we are moving towards a ” final solution ” against African migrants, since we go from scabrous statements to racist acts of the government, without the African diplomats raising a little finger. At this rate, it would not be surprising if, within a few months, migrants of Sub-Saharan origin were subjected to coordinated criminal acts, either by the government or by the population, as was the case cases in the past.

In any case, the last decision taken by the Minister of Transport of the government of Ahmed Ouyahia tends to accredit this thesis. This is not surprising, since the Algerian minister has never hidden his anti-African racism, when he declared, while he was the Chief of Staff of the Presidency, that ” Africans are a source of crime, and several diseases “.

This decision by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport prohibits the owners of taxis and buses from boarding Sub-Saharans in their vehicles, ” under penalty of exposing the offenders to the permanent withdrawal of the operating license “, writes a site of propaganda . It is a measure whose sole purpose is to make life difficult for Africans living in the country with a view to dissuading them from residing there.

In any case, the government of Ouyahia did not wait to formalize this prohibition to act. In recent days, the National People’s Army has been tracking down the Sub-Saharans in the south of the country and coming from Mali and Niger. Several of them are then expelled to their country of origin.

Beyond the racial approach and the acts that the Algerian government is constantly raising, it is worth noting the stigmatization of migrants. The official term used gives cold in the back and will not fail to act on the perception that the average Algerian of Sub-Saharan. After having been associated on several occasions with ” AIDS “, “diseases”, ” drugs ” and ” crime ” and a Prime Minister affirmed that they would be ” enumerated and vaccinated ” regret will the Algerian to commit the irreparable against these ” chosified ” people?

It has already happened in Ouargla where 18 sub-Saharans detained in a concentration camp were burned alive. This was also the case in Béchar in March 2016 when hundreds of Algerians stormed against poor migrants. The next incident could have a much heavier record. Let the Africans take it for granted!