In South Africa, a new incident characterized as racist causes anger. Clashes erupted Monday, May 8 in a small town 200 kilometers west of Johannesburg after the release of two white farmers accused of killing a black teenager. Their release on bail provoked the anger of villagers who set fire to dwellings belonging to whites.

The incident occurred two weeks ago. A 16-year-old boy, accused by two farmers of having stolen sunflowers, died falling from their van. The farmers ensure that the victim broke his neck after jumping from the vehicle, while they were on the way to the police station. But a witness says that the two white farmers voluntarily pushed the teenager out of the vehicle.

The case is before the courts. On Monday, the two men, accused of murder, were released on bail. The news immediately provoked the anger of villagers who set fire to several dwellings belonging to whites. At least four houses were set on fire.

The deceased young man’s family speaks about racism. The families of the farmers denounce a political recovery. In any case, the incident has revived racial tensions still very strong in the country, especially in rural areas.

Last year, two white farmers were arrested for having locked a black worker in a coffin and accused them of robbery.