In South Africa, almost all but two political parties marched in Pretoria on April 12 to demand the resignation of Jacob Zuma and denounce government corruption.

At the same time, the South African president is celebrating his 75th birthday with his militants in Soweto.

Nearly all the South African opposition marched this Wednesday afternoon against Jacob Zuma. A rare event.

Thousands of people had already taken to the streets last Friday, but this time the gathering was much broader.

The red berets of the radical party of Julius Malema thus walked in the streets alongside the blue T-shirts of the Democratic Alliance.

In all, nine political parties, out of the 12 opposition parties represented in Parliament, were present, all united in their will to bring down the head of state.

Rarely has there been such a unity among rival parties. ” We have to put our differences aside,” said Julius Malema, leader of the Fighters for Economic Freedom.

We must unite to recover our country. We can not be defeated by this illiterate president, who should not even sit here. ”

Earlier this week, Jacob Zuma criticized the demonstrations he described as ”  racist  .” An affirmation rejected en bloc by the representatives of the opposition, who accuse Jacob Zuma of ”  divide to better reign  “. ”  It is an insult to the intelligence of the people  ,” said the spokesman of the EFF party.

Double birthday

The march ended before the Union Buildings, the seat of government. The president was not there. He was far from the crowd in Soweto to celebrate his 75th birthday.

The powerful trade union confederation Cosatu, allied with the ANC but increasingly critical of the President, has already announced that it will not take part in this event.

Ironically, the South African head of state shares his birthday with Pravin Gordhan, the former finance minister brutally sacked two weeks ago. .. he was celebrating his birthday in Soweto.

Jacob Zuma will have to face a vote of no confidence in Parliament in a week. On Tuesday, former President Thabo Mbeki, whose relations are strained with the head of state, called on MPs to vote for the interests of the people , not the party.

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