AfDB whistleblowers call for independent investigation

While an internal investigation has just cleared the president of the African Development Bank (AfDB) of the accusations of prevarication and favoritism made against him, his accusers are now attacking the Ethics Committee which carried out the investigation. They doubt his probity and demand an independent investigation.

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The whistleblowers of the African Development Bank (AfDB) were not convinced by the internal investigation conducted by the ethics committee of the institution: revealed Monday, May 11, she exonerates the president Akinwumi Adessina accusations of favoritism and prevarication launched for months by a group of anonymous employees.

The grievances are ” unfounded, unsubstantiated and unsubstantiated According to the Ethics Committee. But whistleblowers challenge the work of the Committee, which they consider ” tainted with irregularities and riddled with manipulations ” According to them, this internal body did not really seek to investigate. They are now calling for independent work. This affair has been poisoning the atmosphere at the AfDB for months.

The group of anonymous employees claims that Adessina has appointed, promoted or even rewarded people suspected or recognized of fraud and corruption, and that it has also favored its Nigerian compatriots for the vacancies. A month ago, on RFI, Adessina denounced political motivations, without further details, on the part of the accusers.

Adessina is a candidate for his own succession next August at the head of the AfDB.

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