Congo: the informal sector is organizing for deconfinement

In Brazzaville, the informal sector has been shutdown since the confinement that started on March 31. The announcement by government officials to deconfigure in stages starting May 16 is fueling hopes. And hairdressers, taxi drivers, restaurant owners and other establishments are making the necessary arrangements to revive their business.

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Lionel Ndombi is a student at the Faculty of Economics at Marien Ngouabi University. But it largely depends on its hairdressing salon, almost in the open air, installed in the peripheral district of Massengo, closed since the confinement is in force.

I have not worked for almost 45 days, my activity is blocked. This is going very wrong because for 45 days my scissors have been put away: I am no longer working, I have no more customers. Containment is a very unfavorable moment for me because I gain absolutely nothing, I have no more customers and no more revenue either “, Testifies Lionel, the tight heart.

Lionel is impatiently awaiting deconfinement: ” I am ready for the deconfinement: there, for example, you see me cleaning my scissors and I am already preparing for this deconfienement “, He announces.

The expectation of the transport sector

Respecting the government measures to deal with the coronavirus to the letter, Wayi Gonféré has not touched the wheel of his taxi for a month and a half. He has just drained the engine of his machine in the hope that public transport will be part of the first level to be defined.

It is this job that allows me to be and take care of my family. Some of my friends end up at the bus stations where they transport objects in wheelbarrows for a fee. But we who do not have this strength are just waiting for our own activity to resume “Declares Mr. Gonféré.

A stone’s throw from the famous boulevard Alfred Raoul, Alphonse Ndongo runs the restaurant “Plat d’or” which promotes African cuisine. The establishment is well locked because of the confinement.

We live day by day

The most difficult yet, says Alphonse Ndongo, it is our workers who are put on technical leave. We live day by day and are not like societies that are well organized. You see today that all these people find themselves on the pavement without means. It’s very, very difficult. There we also have rental charges that must be faced Laments Mr. Ndongo.

Alphonse Ndongo has already taken all the necessary measures to revive his activity. ” I am currently at the restaurant where we are cleaning up, cleaning the carpets, the furniture. We have already brought in a disinfection company. Then we are looking at how we can replenish our stocks “, He specifies.

All analysts agree that after the confinement of the informal sector, the Congolese economy will take a big hit.

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