Former Minister of Health Oly Ilunga’s cassation appeal dismissed

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Sentenced to five years of forced labor for embezzling $ 400,000, the former Minister of Health Oly Ilunga saw his request for cassation dismissed.

After the dismissal of the cassation request from the former Congolese health minister, Oly Ilunga, his lawyers claim that he has been the victim of a miscarriage of justice. Doctor Oly Ilunga was sentenced first and last resort to five years of forced labor for embezzling $ 400,000. He has always rejected these accusations.

After accepting the cassation appeal, the court clerk declared that he had received this request in error. This situation scandalizes Master Bernard Maingain, one of the members of the group of lawyers who defends Doctor Oly Ilunga, who calls on the DRC to respect the rule of law.

We are before someone who has not benefited from the right which belongs to a member of the government to be first charged by the Assembly and who is directly referred to the Court of Cassation ruling first and last spring, he says. Then, after reading the judgment, we see that there are a number of legal irregularities in the file and, on the basis of these irregularities, we decide what is something traditional in all respects. judicial authorities of the world, that is to say an extraordinary remedy not on the merits but on respect for the law, for legality. This is called the cassation appeal. We file the request, it is accepted and then, a little later, the clerk, on my own initiative or on instruction, decides to declare this request inadmissible

DRC: ex-Minister of Health Oly Ilunga sentenced for embezzlement

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