government explains crackdown on Bundu dia Kongo members

The Congolese government responds to Human Rights Watch’s investigation into the crackdown on members of the Bundu dia Kongo political-religious group (“Kingdom of the Congo” in Kikongo, BDK). Judicial investigations are open according to the authorities.

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According to Human Rights Watch, at least 55 people died in a few days during the two police operations. The international human rights organization denounces the excessive use of force.

Congolese Minister of Human Rights, André Lite Asebea, recognizes that there have been deaths, but for him, justice continues its course: ” We are careful not to advance this or that other number, but otherwise there have been deaths as well in Sangololo that in Kinshasa. There is no debate on this. The government had asked the senior auditor based in Matadi to carry out investigations which ultimately allow him to turn to the competent court capable of finding out about this situation which we all deplore. And as far as Kinshasa is concerned, certain police authorities even appeared at the level of the FARDC general auditorate [Forces armées de la république démocratique du Congo]. And at this level too, we took up the issue head on, justice at its own pace.

As for possible arrests, they will arrive in due time according to the minister: ” Let us understand. You can’t want your cake and eat it too. I tell you, at this level, there are court files that have been opened, we have to wait. Because otherwise the same Human Rights Watch would oppose us that it is expeditious justice.

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