international community concerned about “unacceptable” violence in Ituri

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The security and humanitarian situation in Ituri province has deteriorated further in recent months. Since the beginning of the year, more than 300 people have been killed and around 200,000 others have been forced to leave their homes to flee the violence. This crisis is also beginning to react internationally: Canada, Switzerland, the European Union and the United States have expressed their concerns.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Ligodi patient

In a joint declaration this Friday, May 22, Canada and Switzerland insist in particular that ” impunity for those who commit serious human rights violations, war crimes or crimes against humanity unacceptable ” They also recall the existence of international tools to punish the perpetrators of these crimes.

Wednesday May 20, Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, also called to “ to cease “What he called”barbaric acts . The European diplomat also reminded the Congolese authorities and the UN Mission for Stabilization in the DRC (Monusco) of their responsibility in the pacification of this province.

For Josep Borrell, the situation in this part of the country cannot ” become a forgotten crisis ; and efforts to end insecurity in this region must be accelerated

Joint mission in Ituri

On their side, the United States reports thatreports of calls for reprisals and the formation of new militias are worryingand could ” exacerbate tensions

In Kinshasa, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of the Interior and his defense colleague were interviewed for long hours at the defense committee of the National Assembly. The government is announcing a joint mission to Ituri to start soon.

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