Kabila denies link to Indian businessman Harish Jagtani

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), ex-President Joseph Kabila responds to revelations contained in RFI’s investigation into Harish Jagtani, an Indian businessman who prospered under his rule.

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The representative of former Congolese President Joseph Kabila denies everything, with a smile. Julien Lubunga first insists that her boss is not in business with Harish Jagtani.Kabila instructed me to say that he does not remember meeting this Indian businessman “, He declares.

Witnesses interviewed by RFI suspected that the construction of certain towers in the capital Kinshasa were used to cover money laundering operations and that the former head of state and his family were behind his companies. Julien Lubunga brushes aside all these accusations. ” It’s all imagination, he insists. These are not only defamatory, but extremely dangerous statements. When Kabila invests, he does not hide it. Everyone knows their farms, everyone knows their goods

Practice of ” charm

For Julien Lubunga, the Kabila family has business relationships only with Congolese or expatriates with impeccable morals. ” In what he does for business since he ceased to be president, I can certify that he does not associate with crooked businessmen or people who do money laundering or arms trafficking “, He adds. During his 18 years in power, Joseph Kabila would have seen himself ” falsely “Assign assets, according to his case manager.

As for the apartment that the Indian businessman would have given to the former presidential couple on the top floor of the Kiyo ya Sita tower, in the heart of Kinshasa, without confirming or denying it, Julien Lubunga speaks of a practice of ” charm »Of economic operators towards the authorities. He gives the example of another tower on Boulevard du 30-Juin, Sozacom. Under Mobutu Sese seko, a suite had been exclusively reserved for the Mobutu family. He says he will not be surprised if the same offer is offered to the current regime, embodied by Felix Tshisekedi.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa,

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