Manu Dibango dies: Kinshasa mourns former member of Africajazz


A sad start to the week for the music world following the announcement that the icon of Afro-jazz Manu Dibango disappeared.

In Kinshasa, one of the most important artistic places on the continent, tributes to the place of one of the pioneers in what has established itself as world music multiply.

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“Everyone knows, his song plagiarized by the great Michael Jackson” Saoul Makosa “, everyone knows it, but my throat is cramped because life is strange, life is really strange, Manu Dibango today it is not,” said one of the great the icons of rumba that are still alive, Koffi Olomide.

For his part, the director of the Congolese Art Institute not only regrets the talent but also raises a page in the history of African music that is turning.

“He had great hope for Africa, especially when it comes to copyright, when it comes to neighboring rights, he had great hope for Africa. When it comes to aesthetic innovation, too, this is what is most lacking today,” says Professor Yoka, director of the Institute for art.

Manu Dibango’s long career led him to work in Kinshasa, at the time called Léopoldville within Joseph Kabasélé where Le Grand Kallés Africajazz in the early 1960s.

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