One year after the Paoua massacre, Central African families still unanswered

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A year ago, the first major massacre committed since the signing of the peace agreement was committed in the Paoua region of the Central African Republic. The villages of Lemouna and Koundjili have been raided by an armed group, the 3Rs, who will execute more than 30 civilians. Most grouped, tied up and executed under the village mango trees. A year later, families are struggling to recover.

Rosaline was present at the scene that day … She witnessed the execution of her son helplessly: “ I went to them to kill me with my daughter, I couldn’t run away.

The elements of the armed group saved his life. Since she lives in Paoua, she does not want to return to the village: “ Because of the death of my child, I cannot bear to live there. I can’t stay there, I just go back and forth. I can’t forget that. Anytime when I see a mango tree it’s like I’m reliving what happened. It hurts too much.

What is the reason for these killings ?

Her husband grinds up a transparent pouch. Inside photos of their son and his death certificate. Carefully preserved memories. Jean-Denis’ anger does not fade: “ I am very angry. I’m very angry because they killed the school principal. They also killed the president of youth. The chief of Lemouna and Koundjili were also killed. Many people have been killed even my younger brother. Why they killed them ? What is the reason for these killings ?

Since the 3R delivered 3 people who participated in these massacres. The special criminal court took up the case. Legal proceedings are underway.

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