opposition calls for postponement of elections due to pandemic

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The opposition calls for the postponement of the legislative elections scheduled for the end of the year. In a public statement, the leader of the opposition, the deputy Félix Nialbé, indicated that the crises that Chad is currently going through do not allow preparations for the electoral consultations in peace.

Since February, when the national electoral commission announced that the legislative elections planned since 2015 but constantly postponed will finally have place at the end of the year, the entire political class set off to prepare for the competition.

Unfortunately, in the meantime, Chad experienced the worst terrorist attack in its history before being stopped dead by the Covid-19 which blocked several sectors.

That’s why the election date has to be pushed back, said opposition leader Romadoumngar Nialbé Félix. ” The chronogram made public in February 2020 has lapsed. Therefore, all political projects that have not yet started to be executed, can only be put on the back burner.

For the spokesperson for the ruling party, the Covid is indeed a blocking factor, but the ruling party is ready for it. ” That the elections are held in December, in January, in February, the MPS will always be ready, advance Jean Bernard Padaré. But we fully understand that the opposition is requesting, because of the coronavirus, the postponement of the elections.

Meanwhile, representations of the Independent Electoral Commission continue to settle in provinces where the coronavirus has clearly failed to block activities.

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