Paoua is preparing to welcome the first mixed units

The Special Joint Security Units (USMS) officially closed their training this week in Bouar, their deployment is imminent. Their first assignment is Paoua. On site, they are eagerly awaited.

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Final finishes on the camp which is ready to welcome the first two USMS companies to Paoua. The Special Joint Security Units (USMS), these units provided for in the peace agreements signed in Bangui in February 2019 will be made up of former members of the armed groups, police or gendarmes under the order of the FACA, the Central African army .

Léon Bossou, the district group leader, comes to inspect the premises: “ We are not afraid because we have already disarmed, they are all disarmed, we have trained them, they come here for security in this area. Even if some elements of the 3R remain in the bush behind the Peuls. These are the 3Rs that scare us. “But the district group leader says he is ready to accept former 3Rs but on condition “ let them come with a good heart.

A force of 300 men in Paoua

These few fears are shared by the populations. For his part, the sub-prefect Martin Kossi wants to be reassuring: “ The crux of our problem here in Paoua is transhumance, so if they are there it is to the benefit of the people of Paoua. There is no fear because they are trained, they will be mixed there will be police from the gendarmerie under the control of the FACA. So, I see this idea of ​​the USMS as an advantage. I am trying to educate the population, that they be quiet because it is their advantage.

More than 300 men will be based in Paoua and will be responsible for securing transhumance in the area. Transhumance whose season ends. Breeders are currently moving up to Chad.

With our special correspondent in Paoua,

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