President Déby’s brother accused of causing the death of a young shepherd

In Chad, the president’s younger brother, Salaye Débi, is accused of having caused the death of a young shepherd two weeks ago. The latter drowned in a dyke after Salaye Déby fired to scare him and his flock. The Chadian Convention for the Defense of Human Rights (CTDDH) is about to form a coalition with other organizations to demand his arrest.

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The scene takes place on April 28 in Bardé, 30 kilometers southeast of the Chadian capital Ndjamena. Several herds of camels drink at a water point, located a few meters from the garden of Salaye Deby. President Idriss Déby’s younger brother, who is very feared in the area, does not generally like the shepherds coming here with their animals.

According to a witness present at the time of the events, Salaye Déby then leaves her home with a weapon and shoots in the direction of the shepherds to scare them away. None of them were hit, but escaping, Moussa, one of them, fell into a dyke and drowned. Salaye Déby then refused to be arrested by the gendarmes, according to the Chadian Convention for the Defense of Human Rights (CTDDH).

Objective: to demand the arrest of Salaye Déby

Djimet Arabi, the Minister of Justice, assures RFI that a judicial investigation has been opened and that the investigation has been entrusted to a gendarmerie unit, the National Judicial Research Section (SNRJ) which, according to the Minister, is due to give its conclusions at the start of this week.

However, these claims are rejected by the Chadian Convention for the Defense of Human Rights (CTDDH), for which no investigation is underway. The latter is therefore working to form a coalition with four other human rights organizations with the aim of demanding the arrest of Salaye Déby.

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