religious leaders met with the presidency

The Central African Republic has five confirmed cases of coronavirus. Two major meetings were held at the presidency on Tuesday regarding the global pandemic. A first from the technical committee dedicated to the issue of coronavirus, a second with religious leaders. Objective: discuss the situation of the coronavirus and make proposals on the measures to be taken.

With our correspondent in Bangui, Charlotte cosset

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After several hours of meeting, the Minister of Territorial Administration, Augustin Yangana Yahote, reassured the work carried out by the authorities. ” The government and the head of state must take strong action to save the population. Today, with a view to extending these measures, the Head of State decided to consult with religious leaders and leaders to find out what their point of view would be if there were to be measures concerning religious institutions. Each official was able to put forward ideas which were recorded by the ministers, who will summarize them. This summary will be presented to the crisis committee.

Among the possible measures, the temporary suspension of worship activities and the closure of religious schools. The Catholic Church is moving in this direction. However, she also called on the government for help. ” We also asked that there be accompanying measures, reports Bishop Appora, of the Central African Episcopal Conference. Yes, we can talk about closing this or that, but it is not because we have made a containment in France or in Italy that we will necessarily make a containment in the Central African Republic. As we know, people live from day to day, not all families have freezers. There is a lot of thinking to do, do not copy and paste.

The proposed measures should be the subject of rapid decision-making.

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