tense situation in Ituru due to threat from Codeco militiamen

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When will calm return to Ituri? In the northeastern DRC province, the army announced that it had killed Ngudjolo Mapa, militia leader called Codeco, who had been active in Djugu territory for almost two years, on March 25. More than a month later, the violence spreads to other areas, the killings multiply. This militia would be more dangerous because it was more fragmented.

From our correspondent in Kinshasa, Ligodi patient

Since the death of Ngudjolo Mapa, the motivations for the militia attacks are difficult to read. The procedure varies. According to several sources, including the United Nations, the absence of a leader would have led to the fragmentation of this militia. Today, these different groups are motivated by different motivations.

The army strengthens its positions

In recent days, community dialogue initiatives have resumed, notably involving members of the Provincial Assembly. Because the violence has spread to other territories.

Departing from Djugu, they now also affect the territory of Mahagi and even threaten Bunia, the capital of Ituri province and the localities around it are said to be targeted by Codeco militiamen. A rumor taken seriously. The army is strengthening its positions.

At Monusco, we talk about diffuse threats and the possibility of sporadic attacks.

This Friday, the commander of the Monusco Force gave orders so that the axes which give access to the city of Bunia are constantly monitored to limit the risk of infiltration.

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