The ambitions for the CEMAC grant [Business Africa]

Following listing transactions on the Central African Stock Exchange, it now wants to speed up the process of economic diversification of the sub-region..

Following the merger – absorption just over 8 months ago by the Douala Stock Exchange and the receipt of its very first listing in February last year, the Central African Securities Exchange wants to accelerate the listing operations for the sub-region and go beyond three week operations.

According to the Director General, three elements that are important to the growing curve should be based: the volume of securities traded for almost $ 33 million; overall market value and outstanding bonds totaling $ 1.25 billion.

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To follow in this issue, the statements of Jean Claude Ngbwa, Director General of the Central African Stock Exchange.

It takes over the current situation following the merger between the Douala stock exchanges in Cameroon and Libreville in Gabon, and the various strategies implemented to attract investors.

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