the GEC highlights the power of the armed group of Guidon Shimiray

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Is the NDC-Rénové the most powerful armed group in eastern Congo? In any case, a report by the Congo study group released on Wednesday May 13 details all the ramifications of this group led by warlord Guidon Shimiray.

The Congo Study Group (GEC) which publishes his report on the NDC-Renovated the title reads: “ For the army, with the army, like the army? ” With support from the Congolese army, this group now controls a large portion of four of the six territories in the province of North Kivu. Yes Shimiray handlebars, now under United Nations sanctions, is so successful is that it knows how to make itself useful.

The latter plays a major role alongside the FARDC and more recently has collaborated, at least indirectly, with the Rwandan army, points out the new report of the GEC, in particular in operations against the Rwandan and Congolese Hutu rebels, and this since 2015. In exchange, his group, the NDC-Rénové, would in particular obtain weapons and uniforms. The GEC proves it, supporting photos.

Mines, hotel, cigarettes …

The success of the NDC-Rénové is also due to its organization. Like the great rebellions in the east, whether it be the RCD or the FDLR, it controls large portions of the territory. And he forges solid alliances, there is a whole galaxy of groups which are attached to it. He exploits mines in Walikale and the south of the Lubero, imposes taxes on the populations, reserves the importation of certain sought-after goods such as cigarettes and even builds a hotel. Handlebar Shimiray Mwissa even has a communications and propaganda service that publishes photos and videos.

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What makes this group especially successful, according to the GEC, is the impunity it enjoys in the face of a failed state. Its camps and its military hierarchy are known, the GEC publishes maps and organizational charts, but it has almost never been the target of operations by the Congolese army or Monusco.

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