the UDPS divided on the authority of Jean-Marc Kabund

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Is there a crisis within the Congolese presidential party? In view of the contradictions observed within the UDPS, dissent has been created. She challenges the authority of Jean-Marc Kabund, the interim president of the party since the election of Félix Tshisekédi as head of the country.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Kamanda wa Kamanda Muzembe

There is a crisis because we have left the texts that govern the UDPS. Jacquemin Shabani says it loud and clear. The one who, until recently, was president of the party’s electoral commission, explains that article 26, which regulates the question of the interim head of the UDPS, was violated in favor of a special warrant. And to conclude that the UDPS cannot claim today to have a legal representative.

But for the new spokesperson for this party, there is no crisis. ” No body is in conflict with the presidency of the UDPS Retorts Simon Kalenga. According to him, individuals are manipulated by organizations or people outside the party in a conjunction of obscure interests whose sole objective is to defeat the mandate of the President of the Republic Félix Tshisékédi.

Put everyone around a table

For the new spokesperson for the UDPS, those who speak today have no quality or no longer have the quality to do so. The bodies on behalf of which certain people speak have already changed their animators. According to our sources, efforts are currently being made inside the party in the hope of putting everyone around the same table and reaching a reconciliation.

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