the UN very concerned about police blunders

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The United Nations is raising its voice after the death of a Lucha activist who was shot in the head during a demonstration against insecurity on Thursday in Beni. The United Nations Joint Human Rights Office has counted at least seven dead, justified by measures linked to the pandemic.

After the death of a young Lucha activist, the police announced the arrest of the gunman, but evokes a ” manslaughter “Committed by a police officer” to escape from a raging crowd And the measures limiting gatherings during this pandemic period. The citizen movement denounces this assassination in the middle of a peaceful demonstration.

Very concerned

For the director of the Joint United Nations Human Rights Office, Abdoul Aziz Thioye, it is time for the Congolese police to end their blunders to avoid ruining the progress made by the DRC under the Tshisekedi presidency. ” The United Nations Joint Human Rights Office is very concerned about the proliferation of police blunders and infringement of the right to life in the context of the imposition of measures by the health institution in Kinshasa or elsewhere part of the country, he says. On some occasions, perpetrators have been prosecuted and punished, but obviously this is not enough.

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The director also points out the role of the police in several deaths: ” The incidents keep repeating themselves and this tells us about the behavior of certain elements of the security and defense forces, more specifically the cabin crew [Police nationale congolaise ndlr]. The fact that in many of these incidents PNC elements were involved alongside other members of these security forces. We have already alerted the authorities to the urgent need to work, to determine precisely and monitor the conditions of use of force.

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