Vital Kamerhe trial postponed to May 25

In the DRC, the trial of Vital Kamerhe opened briefly this Monday, May 11, 2020. The chief of staff of President Félix Tshisekedi is suspected of having embezzled more than 50 million dollars within the framework of the “100 days program” launched by the head of state.

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The hearing was therefore quickly closed, after about an hour, and the trial was postponed to May 25 for further investigation. The request was made by the lawyers for each accused. They insisted that they did not have access to every element of the file. But for the prosecution, the documents in the file were indeed available at the court registry. It was up to each party to refer to it.

During his speech, Vital Kamerhe declared to have intervened in this case as director of cabinet of the president of the Republic, he affirmed that they were nine supervisors of this program of 100 days, in addition to the coordinator of this program emergency. Vital Kamerhe exposed a trap and leading questions when asked to clarify his role and role in this program. ” We choose what will create confusion, nobody talks for example about free primary education “, he said.

Interrogates on his two fellow prisonersVital Kamerhe said about the businessman Samih Jammal knowing him, but on what grounds? ” I’ve met a lot of people in my life. “And about the import-export manager of the presidency Jeannot Muhima, also co-accused:” I know him by name, it is today that I meet him.

Dispersion of gatherings

Journalists were unable to enter the court when two television stations, which already had their authorization, were even starting to install their equipment for live broadcast. After four hours of waiting, all those massed along the impressive fence of Makala prison, where the court is located, were chased away by the police, helped by the soldiers, sometimes brutally. An important police device therefore to prevent journalists from entering the precincts of the Gombe court, located in Makala prison, but also to avoid any gathering outside the judicial precinct. No assembly was tolerated in the vicinity of the prison.

In the morning, dozens of supporters of UNC, Vital Kamerhe’s party who were massed along the avenue housing the prison were dispersed by the police. She then made rounds to dissuade any attempt to demonstrate. No activist has been arrested yet, police said.

With our correspondents in Kinshasa,

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