a day of triple voting where the shadow of Nkurunziza hung

A triple ballot took place in Burundi where the presidential election overshadowed the other two ballots, legislative and municipal. Without great suspense, the candidate of power is given a winner because of his party’s stranglehold on the state, this election was expected because it allows to turn the page Pierre Nkurunziza, in power for 15 years. Yet his shadow still hung over this vote.

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Farmer in Gitasi, in the province of Ngozi, Charlotte Nizigimana is a mother of 5 and 35 years old. She did not hide her joy on Wednesday, just after voting for Evariste Ndayishimiye, the dolphin of President Pierre Nkurunziza. She had to tell herself to follow the choice of ” the one who brought peace to the country ” ” I’m glad I voted for Ndayishimiye, the heir that President Nkurunziza gave us. Because today I am going to give birth in the hospital without paying, my children drink the milk of a cow that he gave us and they eat free at school, says the cultivator. All this I owe to Pierre Nkurunziza

From another perspective, a college professor testified, preferring to remain anonymous to avoid retaliation from the Imbonerakure, the youth of the ruling party whom the UN accuses of being a militia. ” 15 years of Nkurunziza power is too much “, He launched by denouncing the excesses of his regime: corruption, rupture with donors, an economy in ruins … His main fear on Wednesday: electoral fraud.

I’m worried about the social media outage, probably to hide fraud, explains the latter. I still hope that change will prevail because we are tired after 15 years of Nkurunziza power. I voted for the CNL of Agathon Rwasa which has by far the best political project and which will bring new blood into politics

Accusation of “ massive fraud

The party of Agathon Rwasa, main opponent of Évariste Ndayishimiye denounced as of Wednesday “massive fraud” including ballot stuffing, multiple votes, and a real hunt for man against his agents, arrested or expelled by hundreds of polling stations. The Céni and the Police speak on their side of ” elections that went very well, in peace and quiet

With our special correspondent in Gitasi,

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