Africa faces the pandemic Monday, May 17

According to the CDC, the African Union’s disease prevention center, the continent recorded 84,872 cases of Covid-19 on Monday, and 2,771 deaths from the disease. The most affected states are South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and Nigeria.

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  • Containment extended by 3 weeks in Morocco

Invited to present to parliamentarians his crisis management plan, Prime Minister Saadeddine El Othmani has finally announced the extension of the confinement for three weeks, until June 10. An extension of the state of emergency which therefore covers the end of Ramadan next weekend. The head of government declared “ not want the Eid El Fitr festivities to turn into tragedy After the outbreak of new outbreaks. He also announced the launch of an online platform to collect complaints from families who could not have access to public assistance for low-income families. Morocco is approaching the bar of 7,000 reported cases, for 192 deaths.

Morocco, including a national, the immunologist Moncef Slaoui, was commissioned by Donald Trump to lead the United States team responsible for finding a Covid-19 vaccine. What he thinks is possible by the end of the year.

  • Angry Ivorian restaurateurs

The Ivorian Ministry of Tourism was to organize a meeting this Monday with the actors of the restoration and the hotel trade on the revival of the activities of this sector very affected by the crisis. According to the employer representative, restaurants and hotels experienced an average loss of 80% of their turnover. A corporation within which reigns a certain dissatisfaction at present: 150 restaurateurs have gathered to denounce the ministerial decree of April 16, prohibiting them from organizing home delivery of meals themselves.

In addition, during a meeting between the government, the European Union and the private sector, the European Union announced support of 100 million euros for the economic response plan to the coronavirus crisis in the country, in partnership with the European Investment Bank. According to the latest figures, Côte d’Ivoire has 2,109 cases of coronavirus, and 27 deaths.

  • Worrying drop in vaccinations in Senegal

Authorities worry a decrease in vaccination in the country. During this period, many Senegalese families would be afraid to go to the centers or to let their children get vaccinated. The fault is largely due to false information circulating on social networks. The risk is that the decline in immunization coverage creates new epidemics: measles, yellow fever, whooping cough, not to mention polio and tuberculosis. In Senegal, vaccination is free, but not compulsory.

  • Caregivers’ unions postpone strike in Kenya

After discussions this weekend with the Ministry of Health, the unions have postponed their strike by 21 days to give negotiations a chance. A framework for dialogue was adopted to continue contacts during these three weeks. Although these claims are not new, relations between the government and health professionals have strained since the arrival of Covid-19, in which Kenya has experienced 912 cases, and 50 deaths.

  • The Archbishop of Douala believes in his remedy

He refuses to disclose its composition, but Monsignor Kleda makes the buzz in Cameroon: the Archbishop of Douala says he is sure of the effectiveness of his herbal drink against Covid-19, the effects of which he would quickly relieve according to his promoter, who speaks of 900 people treated, and no deaths. It comes in the form of drops to be taken diluted in water, several times a day. No studies have been conducted, and the medical profession such as the Cameroonian Ministry of Health accepts these claims with caution. The ministry sent a team to Douala ” support “And” devaluation

No treatment has yet proven effective against Covid-19. The World Health Organization says it is not opposed to traditional medicine, but it insists on the need to subject each product to rigorous clinical trials. Cameroon has nearly 3,000 officially registered cases, and 139 deaths from the coronavirus.

  • Increase in attacks against healthcare workers in Cameroon

Still in Cameroon, the Order of Physicians is alarmed by an increase in cases ” physical or verbal aggression Against the healthcare staff involved in the response to the coronavirus. And in particular from families bereaved by the pandemic, who do not accept not being able to access the body of their deceased loved one, for reasons of health security. The Secretary General of the Order, Doctor Gervais Atedjoe asks the authorities to act to “ sanctuarize “Their place of work and the families of” respect the work of doctors

“Nothing justifies going to a doctor’s workplace for violence”

At the end of an extraordinary council, this weekend, the Order of physicians once again asked for more equipment to protect the nursing staff, particularly exposed to the virus, and this everywhere, and not only in the centers dedicated to Covid-19. It also recommends that the private health sector be better integrated into the response system

  • Tamatave Catholic schools closed in Madagascar

In addition, the diocesan direction of Catholic education has decided to close from Monday until further notice the schools of Tamatave, a large port city in the East. Schools in the country had been able to reopen a month ago for students taking exams, a measure then criticized by civil society.

  • School on the radio in Burkina Faso

With the closure of schools following the coronavirus, the Ministry of National Education and the promotion of national languages ​​undertook to make available to students several supports for the continuity of teaching. Website, printed documents, radio and television lessons. A hundred lessons, chosen from essential subjects are disseminated on the radio schools and several other public and private in the country.

  • For Mamoudou Gazibo, the crisis is an opportunity to rethink the state in Africa

Impression of a State serving the elites “,” need a new contract with the population “, it’s that expressed by Mamoudou Gazibo professor of political science in Montreal at RFI’s guest this Monday. According to the latter, African intellectuals must rethink a “ social state “, because the ” any market cannot function in a country that transforms nothing

  • The crisis has revealed the usefulness of the CDC

Facing Covid-19, the African Union Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) mounted at the front very early, while West Africa remains one step ahead of other regional communities , thanks to his experience with the Ebola virus. Sabine Cessou make the point on institutional responses to the crisis.

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