Africa faces the pandemic on Sunday May 17

According to figures from the African Union Center for Disease Prevention (CDC), the African continent had, on Sunday, May 17, 81,882 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 2,715 deaths due to the disease. South Africa is the most affected country, ahead of Egypt and Morocco.

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  • Benin pandemic elections

Polling stations opened this morning in Cotonou and in the rest of the country for the municipal elections. Jean-Luc Aplogan, our correspondent, noted “ low attendance “In the offices he visited and that if” the wearing of the mask was generally well respected, this was not always the case for social distancing

During the whole campaign, which took place virtually door to door and meetings were banned the opposition had asked for the postponement elections.

Joël Atayi-Guèdègbé, president of the Beninese NGO Nouvelle éthique and specialist in electoral matters felt on our antenna that the risk lay “ in the behavior of men “And wondered about the training courses put in place to respect the rules of social distancing.

Benin has so far been little affected by Covid-19 with 339 confirmed cases and two deaths.

  • Strong emotion in Algeria after the death of a pregnant doctor

Algerian hospital director sacked Sunday after death of Covid-19 from 28-year-old doctor, eight months pregnant, denied leave, a case that prompted great emotion.

Following the death of Doctor Wafa Boudissa, who was practicing in surgical emergencies, and the child she was carrying, the Minister of Health, Abderrahmane Benbouzid terminated the functions of the director of the Ras el Oued hospital (east), an administrative penalty.

Mr. Benbouzid had ordered Saturday May 16 the opening of an administrative investigation to determine the circumstances of the death of Dr. Boudissa, instructing, exceptionally, the Inspector General of the Ministry of Health to conduct the investigations. At the end of the investigation, the file is likely to be transmitted to justice and, if a serious fault is proven, the responsible person (s) risk being prosecuted for homicide by negligence, specified this source.

The husband of the deceased doctor expressed his anger in El Watan : “ Extenuated by the workload and the effects of pregnancy, my wife, who worked from 8 am to 8 pm, was not spared. His three requests for sick leave were refused by the hospital management, who will have my wife’s death on my conscience. I will never forgive them, he said to the Algerian daily. To justify his refusal, his management hid behind the instructions from above

His death caused a stir and an uproar on social networks, especially since the young doctor had priority to benefit from an exceptional leave.

A presidential decree, aimed at combating the spread of Covid-19, states that ” Pregnant women and women raising children, as well as people with chronic illnesses and those with medical vulnerabilities, are considered as priority for exceptional leave.

  • Madagascar announces first death of Covid-19

Madagascar reported on Sunday the first death of a patient suffering from the new coronavirus almost two months after its first detection in the country.

A parking attendant in a hospital “ 57-year-old died of Covid-19 in Toamasina (east). […] He died last night “Said Professor Hanta Vololontiana, spokesperson for the anti-Covid-19 operational command center. He added that this patient also suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure.

The Indian Ocean island, which has reported 304 cases so far, has been in the headlines for a homemade herb concoction that President Andry Rajoelina says could cure people affected by the disease. virus.

Madagascar has provided its people and several African countries with a drink made from artemisia, a plant with a recognized therapeutic effect against malaria, by claiming that it prevented and treated Covid-19. The possible benefits of this herbal tea, called Covid Organics, have not been validated by no scientific study.

The Covid-Organics arrived Saturday in the hands of Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerian president. Nafdac, the agency responsible for monitoring food and medicine in the country, will carry out a battery of tests to prove or not its effectiveness.

  • Egypt tightens restrictions during Eid al-Fitr

All stores, malls, restaurants, entertainment, beaches and public parks will be closed for six days, May 24-29 “Mostafa Madbouli, the Egyptian Prime Minister, said at a press conference on Sunday, adding that public transport will be cut and the curfew will be imposed from 5 p.m. (3 p.m. UT). He stressed that these measures would be eased again from May 30: the curfew will then start at 8 p.m. (6 p.m. UT) from that date.

On Sunday, the prestigious Sunni Al-Azhar institution asked the faithful to perform their prayers at home. “ People will be asked to wear masks in closed and busy public places “, He said, adding that the offenders would be punished, without giving further details. In Egypt, a country of 100 million inhabitants, these figures are officially 11,719 cases, including 612 deaths.

  • Two men killed after violating curfew in Sudan

The Sudanese military announced on Sunday that two men had been killed by a soldier after forcing a roadblock during a full curfew imposed by the authorities to fight the pandemic of new coronavirus.

A tuk-tuk crossed without stopping a military roadblock in Khartoum … at 9 p.m. (7 p.m. UT) exactly “Army spokesman Amer Mohamed al-Hassan said in a statement this Sunday morning. “ A soldier shot at the occupants of the tuk-tuk for refusing to comply with repeated orders to stop He added before adding that the two men aboard the tuk-tuk were injured and died later in hospital.

According to the military spokesman, the soldier who fired was arrested. “ No one is above the law […] We initiate all necessary legal procedures “, He said in his statement. Sudan has officially registered 2,289 cases of new coronavirus, including 97 deaths.

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