Africa faces the pandemic on Tuesday May 5

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Africa had this Tuesday, May 5, 47,581 confirmed cases of coronavirus. The Covid-19 has already claimed the lives of 1,862 people on the continent, according to the African Union Center for Disease Prevention and Control. South Africa and Egypt are the two most affected countries, with 7,220 and 6,813 cases respectively. They are followed by Morocco, Algeria, Nigeria and Ghana.

  • Burkina Faso puts an end to the quarantine of a dozen cities

President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré has ended the isolation imposed on a dozen cities affected by coronavirus, including the capital Ouagadougou. Interurban traffic, banned since March 26 between these cities, was therefore able to resume on Tuesday. However, the closure of the land and air borders, as well as the ban on gatherings of more than 50 people remain in force until further notice.

While the easing of restrictions is welcomed by the business community, health workers remain concerned about a possible resurgence of coronavirus cases in the country. ” Things are rebounding with 20 new cases of coronavirus in 48 hours. The most effective means and strategies must be found so that the populations respect the barrier measures “Said the president of the Order of Nurses of Burkina Faso. The country officially has 46 dead and 672 cases positive for the coronavirus.

In Burkina Faso, as in Angola, Kenya and Guinea, the Burkinabé Federation has decided to end the season of the national football championship. The white season option was chosen. The FBF is considering how to help clubs whose finances are in danger. The 2020-2021 season should begin on September 4, subject to the lifting of restrictive measures related to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • No slowdown in Barkhane operations, according to a French general

Covid-19 has no impact on our operations Assures General Pascal Facon, in command of the Barkhane force in the Sahel. According to him, the epidemic represents a ” additional operational constraint “, But the French force adapted, despite a shift of the reliefs and the fortnight before each deployment. ” We have worked a lot on the implementation of individual and collective measures to make this constraint as minimal as possible. “He said during a press conference call. The general assured that very few positive cases had been identified among the 5,100 soldiers deployed, without giving precise figures on the number of soldiers affected by the virus.

  • Ugandan President eases containment measures

In Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni announced Monday the lifting of certain containment measures. Wholesalers, hardware stores, garages, metalwork and carpentry workshops, as well as insurance companies and around 30 lawyers can resume their activities on Wednesday. The restaurants can also provide take-out service. Schools and borders will remain closed, however. All of these new measures will be reassessed by a committee of experts in two weeks.

  • DRC to release detainees to stem pandemic in country

In the Council of Ministers, President Félix Tshisekedi ordered mass releases for detainees who posed no risk, who were awaiting trial or who had been sentenced to minor sentences. The committee in charge of the response to the Covid-19 said Monday evening that contamination in prisons could be a factor in the widespread spread of the virus in the Congolese population, especially if Makala prison was affected.

Makala, the central prison located in Kinshasa, is the largest prison in the country. Some 8,000 prisoners are crammed into collective cells without beds. ” We take turns sleeping in an indescribable environment and social distancing is almost impossible “Says one of them. And even during a pandemic, new prisoners arrive in droves. Prison source says nearly 600 inmates have been sent to Makala for a month.

  • WHO requests “ rigorous clinical trials »For treatments from traditional medicine

The regional office of the World Health Organization for Africa requests that ” rigorous clinical trials Are being applied to new herbal therapies to treat patients with Covid-19. According to the institution, which recognizes the benefits of traditional and alternative medicine, remedies like artemisia, used in Madagascar and exported to other countries on the continent, must prove their effectiveness before being tested on a large scale. ” Africans deserve to use drugs tested to the standards that apply to drugs made for people around the world “The organization wrote in a statement.

The African Union Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) also announced on Tuesday that it is in talks with Madagascar to obtain technical data on Covid-Organics, a decoction presented as a remedy for coronavirus by the Malagasy authorities. ” Once we have the details, we will study the scientific data on the safety and efficacy and safety of the treatment “, Says the CDC.

  • Death of Marc Mapingou, a figure in Congolese political life

Marc Mapingou, the former campaign director of the President of Congo-Brazzaville Pascal Lissouba, died of the Covid-19 on Tuesday in Paris at the age of 63. Recently, he had become the foreign spokesperson for the opponent Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko. ” It is a great loss for Congolese democracy, he was a man of consensus, not divisive. His humanism was such that he was by everyone’s side. His fight was hope. He was a great listener “, Paid tribute to him on RFI the journalist Sadio Kanté.

  • End of confinement in Lesotho

Prime Minister of Lesotho Thomas Thabane announced that the confinement would end on Wednesday on the national territory. ” Non-essential services and businesses “Will therefore be authorized” temporarily To resume operations starting tomorrow. Wearing a mask will be compulsory in public places. The borders, however, remain closed, said the head of government, who denounces illegal crossings from South Africa.

  • Kenyan aid plane crashes in Somalia

A Kenyan cargo plane crashed in southern Somalia on Monday while on a humanitarian mission, killing six people on board. The aircraft was carrying equipment in response to the coronavirus pandemic. ” The aircraft was about to land on the Bardale runway when it crashed and caught fire. The six people on board died in the accident Abdulahi Isack, a Somali local police official, told AFP.

  • Companies in Zimbabwe denounce rules too strict to reopen

Some businesses that were due to reopen on Monday thanks to a reduction in containment measures in Zimbabwe remain closed. At issue: conditions “impracticable” on their reopening. Before the resumption of activities, the authorities ask companies to test all their employees against the coronavirus. But the Zimbabwe Confederation of Industries says the government’s recommended test kits are not certified by the World Health Organization and are not reliable. Industries also denounce the price of these kits: some sell for more than 50 dollars.

  • Ten doctors with coronavirus in Kano

In Kano, northern Nigeria, ten doctors tested positive for the coronavirus. According to the authorities, they were infected while treating patients with symptoms of Covid-19. Hospital unions point to the lack of protective equipment for health workers. The state of Kano is the second territory of the country most affected by the coronavirus, after the megalopolis of Lagos, with 365 confirmed cases and eight officially declared deaths.

The NGO Human Rights Watch is also worried in a press release about the increase in the number of cases in Kano. For the human rights association, access to reliable public health information is essential to stem the pandemic. The NGO encourages the authorities to work with community groups, religious leaders and radio stations to inform as many people as possible about the evolution of the pandemic and the barrier measures to adopt.

  • Two-thirds of Africans go hungry during total confinement, new study finds

WHO and the African Union Center for Disease Prevention and Control have conducted a study in 20 African countries on the consequences of total containment on the continent. According to the results, two-thirds of those interviewed would be hungry if they were to stay at home for 14 days. Half of them said they would also run out of savings. The report warns of the risks of instability and violence if the restrictive measures intended to stem the epidemic are not adapted to the realities and needs of the populations.

  • The South African airline Comair placed in recovery

The only responsible decision is to be placed in receivership to safeguard the interests of the company and its shareholders “Said in a statement the South African airline Comair, a franchise of British Airways. The company has suspended all flights since March 26. ” It is a necessary procedure so that we can restart In October or November, adds the company.

  • Togo sets up a psychological support unit

The coronavirus pandemic and the measures to stem it have effects on the body, but also on the minds. A psychological help unit was set up on the initiative of hospital practitioners in Togo. Doctors and caregivers listen to the most concerned. ” We will be able to refer people with a psychological disorder to a care unit. These actions are aimed at preventing the consequences and treating the psychological disorders caused by the stress linked to Covid-19 “Explains one of the cell’s volunteer psychologists.

The caregivers themselves regularly call on the listening cell. ” This staff calls to express their tiredness, their exhaustion. I think the caregivers are so busy that they sometimes don’t even have time to call us so we’re thinking about a new approach Explains a psychiatrist.

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