Al-Shabaab foreign fighter killed by SNA troops in Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia – A senior foreign fighter who was training Al-Shabaab militants in Middle Juba was killed on Friday, a senior military official told reporters in Mogadishu in another spectacular victory for the Somali national army. [SNA], who is running vicious campaigns against the group linked to Al-Qaida.

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Three other terrorists were also killed during the sophisticated operation of the SNA, which would have been part of the team responsible for the recruitment and the training of young fighters in Middle Juba, which was designated as a hotspot of terrorism.

Ismael Abdi Malik Malin, who is the SNA commander for the 16th Division, told reporters that Ashraf Azmi Abu Hamda, a Nepalese, was among those killed, ending years of hiding. The foreigner is said to have organized the recruitment and training of dozens of Somalis in Al-Shabaab.

In addition to recruitment, he was also accused of working with Amniyat and the Explosives Brigade, which is accused of organizing thousands of raids inside and outside Somalia, resulting in the deaths of dozens of people. .

“Our troops eliminated him after a long search and we are grateful that he is no longer there,” said Abdi, adding: “He trained young people at Al-Shabaab and spoiled the future of hundreds of young people energetic men in our country. ”

The commander asked residents to continue to give SNA troops crucial tracks during these operations, adding that it is the prerogative of each citizen to ensure the security of the country in accordance with international standards, arguing that the militants were short of ideas.

The SNA, he added, pledged to eliminate the threat posed by Al-Shabaab militants, who fought to overthrow the fragile Somali government, supported by the UN, which was created in 2012. after years of conference agreements and political consensus.

“We cannot win this war by ourselves, we need your contribution. Sharing information has been a great help to us. We will continue to work with our partners to keep Somalia safe and secure. is the commitment of each of us to the armed forces. ”

Hamda is one of many foreign fighters suspected of being locked up in Somalia for the sole purpose of training and equipping militants in their retrograde program to spend violent extremism. Some have already resigned and given up on the extremists’ agenda.

The death comes a few months after American-designed drone strikes killed both Bashir Qorgab and Yusuf Jiis, some of the most wanted terrorists. Bashir Qorgab allegedly planned the raid on Manda airfield in Kenya on January 5.

But of great importance, the elimination of the foreign national comes almost a week after the State Department “doubted” the capacity of the SNA to fight the militants, arguing that the force is “still not prepared” . However, significant progress proves the opposite.

The operation was carried out in Buur-gadud, Waabo, Salagle and Dukay, in the center of Jubba, a region which was under the control of Al-Shabaab. It is in the center of Juba that the headquarters of Al-Shabaab is located just in the city of Jilib.

On Wednesday, the army also liberated the villages of Hawaljiri, Bernasey, Yaq-Bishaar and Osbo from alshabab terrorists in the Lower Jubba, demonstrating the ability to assume security responsibilities long after the foreign troops have left Somalia.

With the assistance of the African Union and American troops in Somalia, SNA troops continued to unleash the militants, who have been greatly degraded, but may still carry out sporadic attacks from small to large scale inside and outside the Horn of Africa nation.

Next year, the SNA will assume security responsibilities for the first time after the release of AMISOM. Last week, President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo carried out minor reshuffles within the army, during which veteran army commander Abdihamid Mohamed was deployed to the navy.


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