brigades to enforce containment measures

In the absence of aid, the situation of permanent survival in which tens of thousands of inhabitants of the Malagasy capital find themselves has so far made it difficult to apply containment. Also, in the capital, police, gendarmerie and armored vehicles of the army patrol day and night to dissuade people from going out.

Everyone must go home! », The police say through their megaphones. If the center of the capital looked like a dead city on Tuesday afternoon, pedestrian traffic remained high until noon.

It is very complicated to manage these people, the poorest. Because we know that if they’re outside, it’s to allow them to find the food they will eat that evening. So it’s very delicate compared to the missions that have been entrusted to us. But we still try to convince them not to go out.

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These Covid-19 brigades crisscrossing the capital are Andana Radanielson, Tana’s deputy central commissioner, who oversees them. In addition to prevention and deterrence, its teams, made up of doctors and law enforcement, are mainly responsible for monitoring and testing people who have recently returned from abroad and who have been placed in quarantine, in hotels, or else at her’s. Problem: around twenty are missing.

Currently, we are looking for people who have escaped from containment. It’s really a very complicated job. Fortunately, there are antennas at the regional level, there are sanitary dams, and there is also a certain population which informs us about people who have traveled outside and who do not respect confinement. So it’s from all this information that we work to find these recalcitrants.

The risk with these people, who did not report themselves despite the wanted opinion, says the commissioner, is that they are carriers of the virus and have already spread it around them, in areas far from the capital. .

With our correspondent in Antananarivo,

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