Danab forces trained by the United States capture Al-Shabaab militants during an operation in central Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Several Al-Shabaab activists were captured during a sophisticated operation launched by Danab’s elite forces in the town of War-Galo, at least 75 kilometers east of the troubled town of Galkayo, a SNA confirmed, Monday’s crackdown being part of ongoing efforts to restore normalcy to Somalia.

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For several months, elite troops have engaged Al-Shabaab militants across the country, as part of a concerted effort to liberate many regions that remain under the autocratic rule of the Al-Qaida-linked group, which controls large areas of rural areas. south and central Somalia.

Danab’s forces raided several militants’ hiding places, seizing explosives and other sophisticated weapons, which are used to kill and injure innocent civilians and the security forces.

Without disclosing the number of activists arrested during the crackdown, SNA officials said: “They will now be subject to the rule of law and would be forced to give credible information about their operations in the country.”

The operation, added the SNA, saw high-level commanders operating in central Somalia arrested, a decision which they said was “a huge success for our relentless troops who want to see a united Somalia”.

The city of Galkayo has been the main hotbed of terror, has often experienced inter-clan conflicts previously due to its borders between Puntland and Galmadug, the semi-autonomous states within the war-torn nation in the Horn of Africa.

During the raid, officials said, a Danab soldier was seriously injured and has since been flown to the military base in Balligodle for treatment. The base is home to their coaches, the United States Command Forces in Africa, estimated to number around 500 in Somalia.

It is not the first time that troops have captured members of Al-Shabaab. In March of this year, troops captured the town of Janaale in Lower Shebelle in an operation that left more than 140 people dead, 28 injured and 18 injured.

Throughout the national operation, Al-Shabaab also retaliated, the latest arrival on Sunday when the governor of Mudug Muse Nur was killed in a bomb explosion in the city of Galkayo. In March, activists also killed the governor of Nugaal, Abdisalan Hassan Hersi, in Garowe, the regional administrative capital of Puntland.

Last week, several operations were launched in Puntland, near the seaside town of Bosaso in Puntland, which left three people dead, officials said. Several AK 47 explosives and rifles were recovered during the operation.

In Lower Shebelle, SNA commander Abdihamid Mohamed said at least five militants were also killed in the Janaale and Qoryoley areas after Danaab forces raided their hiding places last week. Troops using them carry out their operations under close supervision of the United States military.

SNA soldiers prepare to take on the security responsibilities of African Union Mission soldiers, who are due to leave in 2021. There are nearly 22,000 AMISOM soldiers mainly stationed in Jubaland and in parts of HirShabelle and the southwest.

Over the weekend, US troops also conducted the first operation in the holy month of Ramadan, which left two terrorists dead in Qunyo Barrow, another notorious hiding place of Al-Shabaab, said AFRICOM in a release Monday.

Despite the relentless spirit of the forces, Al-Shabaab militants continued to carry out small-scale sporadic attacks inside and outside Somalia, mainly targeting the security forces and sometimes civilians innocent.

For example, a person was killed Wednesday morning at the Banadir crossroads in Mogadishu following an explosion suspected of having been caused by the militants. The affected vehicle was carrying a senior health official, sources said.

Three people have been seriously injured and are currently receiving treatment. Mogadishu is one of the main targets of Al-Shabaab militants, since they lost their influence in 2011 following joint operations by the Somali security forces and the AU mission.


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