Evariste Ndayishimyie’s rivals denounce massive fraud

After Tuesday’s polls in Burundi, the electoral commission calls for patience. The results should be known this weekend. But Evariste Ndayishimyie’s rivals are already denouncing massive fraud in an election without independent observers. The United States has praised the Burundian people for the calm in which the vote took place and calls on all parties to avoid provocations in the coming days.

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For Agathon Rwasa’s party, the CNDD-FDD did everything to defraud during his elections. The CNL cites, among other things, the shutdown of social networks on polling day. This would have largely excluded supporters of Agathon Rwasa, but also the local press and civil society from reporting the results out of the polls.

According to the CNL, the other dark point is that the party’s agents were expelled at the time of the count in several polling stations. On the side of the CNDD-FDD, we assure that this is only a strategy to explain an announced defeat.

It is undoubtedly the first elections in Burundi with so few observers. Most of the private media present during the last polls have been destroyed or closed and their journalists are in exile. Same situation for civil society organizations.

The leader of the main opposition party and his main challenger, Agathon Rwasa, reacted on RFI at the microphoneEzra Ndikumana. He denounces massive frauds, rejects results which he describes as ” whimsical And claims victory.

When we started counting the votes here and there, did he declare, we tried to follow. We were in the lead, and the results we have demonstrated that we are still in the lead. I think you can easily demonstrate that there is cheating in what is being published. The numbers we are swinging on the air are simply the result of pure manipulation. We won the presidential, legislative and municipal elections.

The Catholic Church has been authorized to deploy observers, but only in one in ten polling stations. The same goes for the international community. While some foreign ambassadors were present at a polling station, as the Burundi ambassador to New York pointed out, no foreign mission was allowed to follow the polls. The Community of East African States was due to visit, but its mission was delayed by the authorities and then canceled.

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