FNP Alliance Allages Plans To Raid Ex President Sheikh…

The Council of the Forum for National Parties hereby states that there has been an attack by government forces to their leader, Sheikh Sharif. The attack happened on both the nights of 23rd and 22cnd March in Mogadishu. This is a gross offence by the Gov’t on the rights of the former president. Thus very ungovernmental.

The forum for national parties views this foiled attack on its leader a plan to force a total political instability by the villa Somali.

The Council states that the country is in a tough circumstances as per the ongoings for national elections, the need to freed our people from the Shabab terrorists. The desire for a constitutional change, we will not tire down, we will keep working on our nationhood agendas thus to never give a room for ramshackle in elections postponement by the current administration.

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The forum of national parties aligns on the protection and adherence to the constitution and the rule of the law. In view of the same the parties leadership commends the level of responsibility displayed by the security of its leader on the very commendable way they repulsed the impending attack on its Leader. The council further urges the concerned government officials to refrain from this caprical acts that may instigate political instability and rather focus on issues of national importance.

In conclusion we urge the Somali national army not to be used in matters of political showdowns that will cost a hefty instability price.

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