Madagascar: Corona virus activity is increasing

In Madagascar the business around coronavirus goes well and some traders do good business.

“In the past I sold toothpaste and I made 10,000 arie per day (2.50 euros). Now that I sell masks, I go home with 30,000 arriary every night (7.50 euros), ”admits Tsiry Salesman, trader.

The traditional pharmacopoeia seems to have found a second wind …

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It’s really time for Malagasy researchers to show their knowledge.

“Our ancestors used ginger to treat flu and fever. For example, when we cough, we use honey and ginger to warm our stomach. Lemon is used to provide vitamin C. We mix the two when we make tea. As I understand it, it warms the interior and provides vitamin C, says seller Laloa Rasoanirina.

But Dr. Charlotte Ndiaye, the country’s representative calls for caution …

“Before this new coronavirus, there is no information on the effective use of any medicinal plant at all.”

Malagasy head of state Andry Rajoelina invites local scientists to showcase his genius.

“This is really the time for Malagasy researchers to show their knowledge. In addition, we see these medicinal plants in Madagascar, which can be used to stop the pandemic.”

As of Wednesday, March 25, 2020, Madagascar officially counted 19 patients and 60 people placed under observation.


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