Monusco ready to transport WHO expellees from Burundi

Monusco, the UN mission in the DRC, agrees to help the 4 WHO experts still in Burundi, but subject to expulsion from the authorities. Gitega declared them “persona non grata” and ordered them to leave the country “before May 15″. Problem: Covid-19 requires, the land and air borders of Burundi are closed, except for freight. Since then, WHO has been looking for a solution, which is therefore on the way to being found.

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His spokesman confirms this evening, Monusco, the UN mission in the DRC has agreed to provide ” logistical support To the WHO to break the deadlock. Clearly, to charter a special flight to allow the departure of the 4 experts of the Organization, under the blow of an expulsion decision, but still trapped in Burundi.

Monusco is only waiting to receive more ” the necessary authorizations Added the spokesperson. The flight plan under study provides for experts to fly from Bujumbura to Entebbe, Uganda, through eastern DRC. However in the middle of a pandemic and while passenger movements are reduced to the strict minimum, these 3 countries must first give their green light for this flight, which takes a little time.

According to a diplomatic source, Gitega did not in any case oppose it and had even given its agreement in principle for the landing of a United Nations flight as early as Thursday, May 14. In theory, the Burundian authorities’ ultimatum was set for May 15, this Friday. But still according to this diplomatic source, given the exceptional circumstances linked to Covid-19, the Burundian authorities have assured that they would show understanding if the WHO experts were forced – by force of circumstances – to stay Burundi slightly beyond this date.

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