New immediate weather forecasting technology arrives in Africa

New weather forecasting technology is starting to appear on the African continent. It allows you to know meteorological phenomena in the countries that have adopted it with precision and above all a tenfold speed.

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The new method for more accurate weather forecasts is called Nowcasting (immediate forecast, in French). It makes it possible to observe meteorological phenomena over very short periods, of a few hours, and above all with an almost instantaneous transmission of data, barely fifteen minutes. This allows you to follow precisely the formation and evolution of winds, rains or storms.

A tool against climate disasters

This technology already common in Western countries, but of which Africa was previously deprived. Since last year,British University of Leeds is conducting an unprecedented program in Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana and even Kenya. In the latter country, the speed of information provided has already made it possible to anticipate the evacuation of populations affected by landslides in the west of the country or by floods near Lake Victoria.

This technology can therefore save lives, it can also limit damage to certain economic activities, notably agriculture. Provided that the precious information collected reaches the people concerned on time. And that’s what meteorological teams are working on now. At a time when climate change is causing natural disasters with often dramatic consequences, this new system could play a crucial role.

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