Rwanda cycling manager leaves over debasement, rape charges


Rwanda, Kigali – The leader of the Rwanda Cycling Federation, Aimable Bayingana, has surrendered following different claims of defilement and explicitly mishandling female riders.

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Bayingana remained down together with his whole official advisory group including two VPs, guides, secretary general and treasurer.

He is likewise the representative of the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF), which has managed Rwanda since 1994 under strongman President Paul Kagame.

The organization specialists declined to remark on the advancement.

The Rwanda Investigative Bureau reported that they had gotten “the case and it is under scrutiny” and were not ready to remark further.

The games service is likewise exploring the charges.

“The abdications by the cycling league authorities happened last night and we are likewise researching the charges. Be that as it may, since these are violations, we can’t remark any further; we will leave it to Rwanda Investigative Bureau to do its work,” Shema Maboko, Permanent Secretary at the games service, told AFP.

Following the outrage, the service of sports is presently intending to present a strategy against sexual maltreatment that will oversee all games organizations and exercises in the nation.

The outrage shaking the organization unfurled after the previous national group mentor Jonathan ‘Muscle head’ Boyer and Kimberly Coats, additionally originators of the Africa Rising Cycling Center in Rwanda’s Northern Province, dropped out with Bayingana and uncovered the goings-on in the cycling league.

The couple, credited for the accomplishment of the national group, left Rwanda in the wake of contradicting Bayingana on a few issues influencing cycling.

In an open letter routed to Bayingana, distributed by a nearby production, American Boyer blamed the cycling organization supervisor for disappointing endeavors to build up the game, haughtiness, having over the top power, abusing cyclists and lewd behavior among different allegations.

“We know that rape and debasement occurs and it is our privilege to battle it. We are solid on it. We have been utilizing the national strategies against sexual misuse,” Maboko included.

Examinations concerning Bayingana started soon after nearby media detailed that he was purportedly explicitly abusing female riders – the greater part of whom are poor and uneducated.

Cycling is a much adored game in the nation, and President Kagame once considered making it the national game.



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