Sudan: arrest warrant for two of Omar el-Béchir’s brothers


The Sudanese courts have issued an arrest warrant against two of the brothers of former President Omar al-Bashir. They are accused of corruption and illegal enrichment. They are Ali el-Béchir and Mohamed el-Béchir. Both are suspected of having fraudulently acquired land in Khartoum on which ex-President Omar el-Bashir built an important religious center. But beyond this accusation, the family of the former head of state is accused of having used his relationship with him to enrich themselves illegally.
Almost the entire family close to Omar el-Béchir is wanted or in detention. The four brothers of the former dictator are all accused of corruption.

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The elder Abdallah Hassan el-Béchir, doctor, was arrested only 24 hours after the arrest of Omar el-Béchir. He is the most corrupt in the family, according to lawyer Mahmoud el-Sheik: ” Initially he was a doctor, but as early as 1990, when his brother came to power, he started buying companies in all fields activity. He has countless numbers, but above all he sold Sudanese passports to Syrians. He received $ 10,000 per passport. ”

Two other brothers of Omar el-Béchir, Abbas el-Béchir and Ali el-Bechir, fled to Turkey a week after the arrest of the ex-president.

They are accused of having used their influence with their brother to win contracts, create companies and not pay tax, more than twenty companies in the minerals, petroleum, construction and import / export.

A 4th brother, Mohammed el-Béchir, targeted by this new arrest warrant is a doctor in Great Britain. And finally Omar el-Béchir’s second wife, Widad Babiker – arrested last month – is accused of illegal possession of money and fraudulent acquisition of property.

According to anti-corruption lawyer Mahmoud el-Sheik, the property of the El-Bashir family is worth several billion US dollars.



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